Lifesteal Winter Boss



 Attention Adventurers!!!


I'm thrilled to announce that the Winter Boss spawn egg is now up for grabs at our in-game store. That's right! You can now gear up and strategize with your team before taking on this icy behemoth.


Remember, we're all about keeping things balanced. So, when you're out there hunting, go for those silent takedowns. Let's keep those rare items rare.


And here's the kicker: the Winter Boss you encounter through the store? It's got half the HP of the one you find in the wild. We're all about fair play here.


Oh, and don't worry about your secrets getting out. The spawn egg you buy won't spill the beans to other players.

So, get ready to show that Winter Boss who's boss! Let's do this!


Prepare yourselves for an epic challenge in the RTP region of the overworld! Every hour, the Winter Boss emerges, daring the bravest among you to confront its icy might.


Defeat this formidable adversary and claim your reward: Winter Dust, infused with the essence of the wintry realm. This valuable substance serves as your key to unlocking exceptionally rare winter-themed items, enriching your journey with unique treasures and enhancing your arsenal with the splendors of the frosty landscape.


Gear up and embark on this thrilling adventure today!



Heart recipe

Winter block recipe

Winter Stick recipe

Winter Helmet recipe

Winter ChestPlate recipe

Winter Pants recipe

Winter Boots recipe

Winter Big Sword recipe

Winter Staff recipe

Winter Club recipe

Winter Halberd recipe

Winter Shield recipe

Winter Pickaxe recipe

Winter Sword recipe

Winter Spear recipe

Winter Dagger recipe

Winter Bow recipe

Winter Fishing Rod recipe

Winter Mace recipe

Winter Gauntlet recipe

Winter Hammer recipe

Winter Axe recipe

Winter Shovel recipe

Winter Hoe recipe



Last Updated: 17 April 2024 11:23

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