Lifesteal Draco Boss


 Calling all adventurers!


I'm thrilled to announce that the Draco Boss spawn egg is now up for grabs at our in-game store. That's right! You can now gear up and strategize with your team before taking on this airborne behemoth.


Remember, we're all about keeping things balanced. So, when you're out there hunting, go for those silent takedowns. Let's keep those rare items rare.


And here's the kicker: the Draco Boss you encounter through the store? It's got half the HP of the one you find in the wild. We're all about fair play here.


Oh, and don't worry about your secrets getting out. The spawn egg you buy won't spill the beans to other players.

So, get ready to show that Draco Boss who's boss! Let's do this!


Embark on an epic quest in the RTP zone of the overworld, where the mighty Draco boss awaits. This fearsome creature emerges once every hour, challenging brave souls to face its fiery wrath.


Vanquish the Draco and claim your spoils: Dragon Bones, Balance Runes, Soul Runes, and Dragon Scales. These coveted materials are essential for crafting powerful artifacts, including the Dragon Shield, Helmet, Sword, and even your very own loyal Pet Dragon!


Forge your legend and conquer the Draco to unlock the secrets of the dragon's domain. Gather your courage, rally your allies, and prepare for an adventure like no other!






The Items 

Dragon Sword Recipe

Dragon Shield Recipe

Dragon Helmet Recipe

Pet Dragon

To obtain the Dragon Pet, players must first obtain the rare and mystical artifact known as the Runic Transmutation Alar, followed by gathering 10 Soul Runes and 5 Balance Runes, which are acquired by defeating the formidable Draco boss; then, they must trade with the boss to obtain a single Soul Essence, which, when combined with two additional Soul Essences and a Dragon Bone, is utilized in conjunction with the Runic Transmutation Alar to initiate the transmutation process, resulting in the manifestation of the pet dragon.

Last Updated: 22 February 2024 19:18

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