Points To Be Fulfilled Prior Applying for Staffs Forms!


1.  Must be active in MC server, YouTube Streams and Discord Server.

2. Even if your age doesn't matches the requirement, you can still fill the form if you think you are mature enough and think that you can handle 
situations neutrally in heat.

3. Must know every YouTube *Technical  Term.

4. If you are inactive for a long Duration, without letting MoG know the reason,  You will be immediately removed from Staff Role...

5. If you are found being Toxic to anyone, You will be Terminated and will receive a Mute on Discord for doing so

6. You will have to understand how much responsibilities you have got one you, you will have to look after multiple Players, you will have to face 
criticisms by them, you will learn here how hard hard it is to be a Staff member, you will get to experience a lot  new things here and learn new things too, If you pass this period of time facing all this criticisms, Toxicities and a lot of Work  Load, You will be promoted to STAFF.

7. You must be active at the time submitted by you in the form, Failure to the same will lead to warnings!

8. If in any situation, you are a bit doubtful, or dont know what to do in this situation, You Should not be hesitating to ask your  senior, fellow staff member or Owner.. If you continue even after not knowing the punishment or What to Do in the Situation, it will lead you to a warning, or maybe termination in future...

9. Anyone can ping you multiple times and you shouldn't be annoyed with it. If you are, then you are allowed to resign from your respective position.

10. You must be Honest While filling the Form, If we find that punishment info or any other information submitted by you is   invalid/wrong, then it will be immediately Rejected...

11. You must not currently be working for or with any other server, or mustn't be a Moderator in any other Discord server. Even if you are , MoG Network should be your first priority. 


Application with invalid info, It will be Rejected ASAP