YouTubers Agreement

1.After getting YouTuber rank in MoG Network, You will need to keep MoG Network as your Top Priority.

2. After getting YouTuber Role, you will need to promote MoG Network on your social media handles including your YT Channel.

3. After getting YouTuber rank, You and your subscribers/friends who will play with you in the server, You will need to Join MoG Network's Discord server. (Just for support, for eg. if you or your players need any help, any reports, and yes it will help both you and us in growing)

4. If you are Live on YouTube or on any other streaming platform, you cant promote it in MoG Networks discord or Minecraft server either.

5. If your subscriber/friend is spotted spamming promotions in MC chat or Discord, they will be Punished for the same, Rules are Same for Everyone.