Fair Play:
No cheats or unfair advantages allowed.
Report hackers immediately to avoid consequences.

PvP Autoclickers:

Strictly prohibited in PvP battles, leading to bans.

Glitch Reporting:

Report glitches; exploiting them results in consequences.

Respectful Communication:

Maintain a positive attitude; abusive language is prohibited.
Acronyms promoting violence or abuse are not tolerated.

Social Media Promotion:

Promoting non-MoG Network social media is not allowed.

Account Security:

Do not share passwords; protect your account.
Be aware of daily server restart at 6:00 am IST.


Impersonating staff or falsely representing MoG Network results in severe consequences.

False Information:

Spreading false information, like 'pay to win,' leads to punishment.

Community Cooperation:
Maintain a respectful, inclusive, and enjoyable gaming environment.



Lifesteal Rules Summary:


Scamming Prevention:

Use /trade for in-game transactions to prevent scams.
Server not responsible for losses from scams.

Heart Farming Prohibition:

Strictly prohibited; includes targeting the same player, using alternate accounts, or abusing to inflate heart counts.
Violators face serious consequences for game integrity.

Duping and Exploitation Prohibition:

Strictly prohibited; includes duplication of coins or items and game exploitation.
Violators face severe consequences, including inventory wipe and 30-day ban.

Inappropriate Naming:

Prohibit inappropriate names for items, tools, or mobs.
Choose names adhering to community standards for a positive environment.

LifeSteal Items Disclaimers:

Soulbound saves items upon death or disconnection during combat.
Rejoin promptly to secure items; anticheat disclaimer included.


Minigames Rules Summary:


Fair Play:

No unfair advantages or hacks; maintain balanced competition.

Glitch Abuse:

Report glitches; exploiting leads to consequences.

Language and Conduct:

Prohibit abusive language or toxic behavior for a positive atmosphere.

Server and YouTube Promotion:

No self-promotion of other servers or YouTube channels in chat.


Use acronyms for quick communication but avoid promoting violence or abuse.

Teaming in KitPvP:

Team in KitPvP; emphasize fairness and respect.
Enjoy a fair and positive Minigames experience.


Bedwars Rules Summary:


Hacked Clients:

Strictly prohibited for fair competition.
Results in a 30-day ban for users.

Fair Play:

Play with integrity; avoid cheating or exploiting.
Consequences for violating fair play rules.

Cross Teaming:

Prohibited in solo, duos, trios, and quadros modes.
Violations lead to punishment; maintain fair competition.

Respectful Communication:
Encourage a friendly and respectful atmosphere.
No excessive or abusive language; violators face mutes.
Ensure an enjoyable and fair Bedwars experience for all players.