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Welcome to MoG Network!
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 IP - play.mognetwork.in 

We have made some Rules to ensure a Clean Gaming Experience for all

We expect you to Read, Understand, Respect and Follow

these rules

We The Team of MoG Network will Love to have You as a part of an

Unforgettable Memory in our Journey 

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1. Don't use any kinds of cheats that might be considered unfair. 
2. Using Autoclickers in PvP is banable as it gives unfair advantage.
3. Don't abuse glitch for your gains, Please Report it to us on our Discord.
If we Find you abusing a Glitch, you will be Punished.
4. Using abusive languages is Punishable offence. Using acronyms is  not banable
unless it promotes violence, self harm or abuse.
5. Promotion of ANY Social Media platform including Youtube is not allowed unless
it is related to MoG Network.
6. Don't Share your Passwords with others. We aren't  responsible if you lose your account.
7. Impersonating any Staff or MoG Network as a part or whole will lead to punishment.


1. Don't use Hacked Clients. It ruins the fun for other and will give you a 30 days Ban.

2. Play Fair. Using Unfair means to win/climb leaderboards is banable.

3. Cross Teaming in solos, duos , trios and quadros is punishable. Don't Do it.

4. Using Excessive Abusive Words against others will earn u a Mute.

NOTE:- Breaking any rules will lead to Punishment


1. Promotion of other servers or YouTube is Not Allowed.

2. Excessive Swearing in any form is unacceptable and punishable.

3. Excessive Spamming will lead to a mute.

4. Posting any kind of links in chat will get you a Ban.

5. Arconyms are allowed unless they promote violence, self harm or abuse.