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Yotube Rank Benefits

[Youtube Rank]

Youtube Rank Benefits:

  • Custom IP (yourname.mognetwork.in)
  • Referral System
  • All perks of VIP Rank.

How it works?

  • Custom IP: Players can join our MoG Network Minecraft server using your IP. For example you want your custom IP to be named as moggaming, then the IP with which players can connect will be moggaming.mognetwork.in

  • Referral System: You will receive a referral code which you can share it with your subscribers/viewers. If someone purchases from our store (store.mognetwork.in) then you will receive 10% of that amount. If the product amount is higher then you will receive more % of that amount.

To apply for Youtube rank, you can click on the below button.


Note: Create a ticket from MoG Network Discord server to get your referral code and custom IP after getting Youtube Rank.