MoG Network


Our community guidelines for a better and more fun gaming experience...



We kindly ask for your cooperation in creating a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone. To ensure a level playing field, we have established the following guidelines:


  • Fair Play
     It is crucial to refrain from using any form of cheats or unfair advantages. Let's keep the competition clean and  honor the spirit of fair play.
     If you encounter a hacker and are aware of their use of hacks, please report them immediately. Failure to report and playing alongside a hacker may result in consequences for your own account as well.


  • PvP Autoclickers / Mods
     The use of Autoclickers and unfair Mods in PvP battles is strictly prohibited as it grants an unfair advantage. Any violation will result in a ban.


  • Glitch Reporting
    If you come across any glitches or bugs, we encourage you to report them to us via our Discord server. Exploiting glitches for personal gain is strictly forbidden, and those found doing so will face appropriate consequences.


  • Respectful Communication 
    We expect all players to maintain a respectful and positive attitude. Abusive language is strictly prohibited, as it creates a toxic atmosphere. While the use of acronyms is generally allowed, any acronyms promoting violence, self-harm, or abuse will not be tolerated. Begging to the staff for items ingame or unmute without valid reason is punishable when extreme.


  • Social Media Promotion
     Unless directly related to MoG Network, promoting any social media platform, including YouTube, is not permitted. Let's focus on fostering a strong community within MoG Network.


  • Account Security
     Please refrain from sharing your passwords with others. It is essential to protect your account, and we cannot be held responsible for any account losses resulting from password sharing.
     Another important thing that everyone should be aware of is that the server restarts every day at 6:00 am IST. It is advisable to avoid being in the server, engaging in combat, or playing games  during this time to prevent any issues. If you encounter any problems, it will be solely your responsibility.


  • Impersonation
    Impersonating any member of our staff or representing yourself as a part of MoG Network, in whole or in part, will lead to severe consequences.
    Spreading any kind of false information in the server will lead to punishment. For example, making claims like 'pay to win' without valid knowledge or evidence will not be tolerated.

Chat Rules


To maintain aa positive and enjoyable in-game environment, we have established the following rules regarding in-game chat. Please familiarise yourself with these guidelines and adhere to them wile interacting with other players:


  • Server and YouTube Promotion
    Kindly refrain from promoting other servers or YouTube channels within the in-game chat. We want to keep the focus on our MoG Network community and create an immersive experience for all players.
  • Respectful Language
    We value a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, and excessive swearing in any form is considered unacceptable. Let's keep the chat clean and respectful for players of all ages. Using double meaning words will no longer help to hide the violation. Any violation of this rule will result in appropriate consequences. 
  • Spamming
    Excessive spamming disrupts the flow of conversation and hampers communication within the game. Please avoid excessive repetition, flooding, or unnecessary use of characters. Engaging in such behavior will lead to a mute. Let's maintain a balanced and engaging chat environment for everyone's enjoyment.
  • Link posting
    For security reasons and to prevent unwanted content, posting any kind of links in the chat is strictly prohibited. This includes URLs, website addresses, or any external links. Violating this rule will result in a ban. Let's ensure a safe and secure gaming environment for all.
  • Acronyms
    Acronyms are generally allowed in the chat, as they can facilitate quick communication. However, please be mindful that acronyms promoting violence, self-harm, or abuse are strictly prohibited. Let's foster a positive and respectful atmosphere within our community.

Let's work together to maintain a respectful, inclusive, and enjoyable gaming environment at MoG Network. Your adherence to these guidelines is greatly appreciated.




Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to our community.


Best regards,
MoG Network Team